Forward WIP is a brand dedicated to Water Impact Protection gear. No matter if you’re sailing, kite speed riding or windsurfing, Forward WIP has innovative protective gear that will allow you to sail, ride and fly faster. Their focus is to keep innovating and always looking forward to the creation of the next cool gear.

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FORW-HELNEY-54-60Forward kaciga WIPPER neon žuta 54-56 cmForward WIPN/A
FORW-HELSHO-52-56Forward kaciga WIPPER KIDS narančasta 52-56 cmForward WIPN/A
FORW-HELWHR-52-56Forward kaciga WIPPER KIDS bijelo crvena 52-56 cmForward WIPN/A
FORW-NCABLKForward kapa crna neoprenForward WIPN/A
FORW-NCABLUForward kapa plava neoprenForward WIPN/A
FORW-NCAORAForward kapa narančasta neoprenForward WIPN/A
FORW-NCAPINForward kapa roza neoprenForward WIPN/A
FORW-VES-LForward pojas 50N LForward WIPN/A
FORW-VESJ-MForward pojas WIP 50N S (Junior M)Forward WIPN/A
FORW-VES-MForward pojas 50N MForward WIPN/A
FORW-VES-XLForward pojas 50N XLForward WIPN/A
FORW-VES-XXLForward pojas 50N XXLForward WIPN/A